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Lifestyle Strategies aims to help companies by helping their people develop strategies that will impact their lives and those with whom they work and live every day. If they seem overwhelmed, I am here to help them prioritize, focus, and communicate confidently.

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Why do business with Lifestyle Strategies, Nicole Fredricks Jackson?

Thought Partner

Nicole treats all engagements as a partnership of equals. I am here to serve as your confidential sounding board, a space for honesty about your real challenges. Together, we create a plan for sustainable success in all aspects of business and personal life.

Library of Experiential Knowledge

Nicole brings wisdom to her business engagements. As a trusted advisor with 26 years of professional experience as an attorney, a leader in higher education, a business owner, and a mentor and coach, she has a depth of experiential knowledge that helps her understand what challenges you may face in business and life. Nicole has a passion for human and leadership development and a doctorate in leadership. She is an ICF and Board credentialed executive coach, certified in Tiny Habits and Emotional Intelligence.

Umbrella of FJ Coaching & Consulting

Nicole opened Coaching & Consulting, LLC in 2018 as a legal consultant and bring expertise in clinical trial contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other commercial contract review, drafting, and negotiation.

Later that year, she added career coaching to her company. Since then, she has done more leadership development, mentoring, and coaching. This branch of her company was known as Leader Development Partners.

Clients are drawn to her ability to help them create a life strategy that lets them succeed on their terms so they excel at work and navigate life with greater ease. As a result, Leader Development Partners became known as Lifestyle Strategies to better describe how she helps career-achieving women who want the most out of all aspects of their lives.

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